Lucas Meine


I am a technology professional based in Brasília, Brazil.

I have been a software developer for most of my career. Worked on IoT, game design, web development projects, did academic research at the university of Brasília and met a lot of awesome people along the way.

On the past few years my career shifted a bit towards the management path. Opened and closed a few companies, got my startup accelerated and now I'm a PMO manager at ICTS Group, a research and development institute.

Technical literature used to be my favorite, and i am still a huge fan of both Steve krug because of his book called "Don't make me think" and of the gang of four. Now i also appreciate business literature and I'm a HUGE fan of Eric Ries, Peter Drucker and Steve Blank.

I think that technology is supposed to make people's lives better and I am always studying to improve my knowledge, to overcome new challenges and to do my best in every creation.